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Just Superstitious Country Folk?

Our little team of 3 experts were called out some time back by a farmer who was demanding an exorcism on his property, he said that no animal would go to one end of the big barn, and all the animals would all cram up in the other corner, this gave an uneasy feel to the building and would give people the shudders.

I confess I had thought;” oh here we go, an eccentric old farmer” But people who have lived their lives outdoors all their lives do develop certain intuitive skills that we rarely see in city folk, and this hard working but illiterate broken toothed old man was absolutely right about an unwelcome spirit creature inhabiting the downward end to his barn.

During 2 world wars the British government put extreme pressure on British farmers to feed the country, and farmers were well treated, but now that it is cheaper to import in food from abroad through the E. E. C, the government has been starving them out, as it needs the land for building, to house all the newcomers to our shores over these past few years.

The farming community has always been a superstitious one, but this old chap spoke a lot of sense, and after some preliminary investigation we decided we had a small mischievous sprite, so we baited and caught the little chap, and conjured him into a jar and twisted this top on tight, to release him in a wood or forest at a later date.

The delighted farmer loaded up our car with bags of potatoes, and other veg, All good natural produce he said, no insecticide or crap sprays on that lot ! He said his son and another worker would not go near that end to the barn until it was cleared out. No problems over the months that followed until last night when all hell broke loose.

It was a hot close night when eventually an electrical storm broke and this is the atmosphere that is conducive to activate certain spirit categories. I was uneasy and could not sleep, there were noises in the bedroom, mainly scraping sounds round the skirtings, but there was nothing in the room that could have made the metallic noises, that went on through the night at intervals, so they were” projected in”. There were deep low vibrational rumblings downstairs, with continual flashes of dark movement out of the corner of the eye, and the periodic closings in of the aura that go with the unintelligent realms of spirit disturbances, and a small dark creature kept trying to come up behind me and look at me as I lay in bed, this did not make me that fearful but the overriding impression was not comfortable.

So I got up and came down stairs and watched T.V for an hour or so to check if the spirit animal was room based or person based in its focus. My little house cat would not use her indoor dirt box and had been distressed for a couple of days over what I did not know. When I returned to bed the minor phenomena began again. I got up before the alarm feeling wacked after no sleep, and went straight to the garden shed and was relieved it was still padlocked, but when I went inside, to check the 3 jars that had held the 3 sprites captured over a fair period, and one had been knocked onto the floor and broken. A piece of the wood slats that held the shed together had gone, and I figured the cat whom I had seen going in, had knocked over and broken the jar, releasing the creature into my home.

I had been housing a friend’s lad who needed a room while studying at the local college, and he said he had been afraid at night recently and had been sleeping with the light on in his room. Originally a sprite was an early misspelling of spirit, but they since have come to represent a separate minor inner world category. On the scale of the various categories of incorporeal life, sprites rate pretty low among experts for excitement or phenomena, but they can be a nuisance.

Experienced spirit hunters fall into 2 schools of thought, There are those who say any spirit animal or being out of its proper place must be exorcised no matter what, then there are those who say particularly with deceased humans that only as a last resort must they be sent on, some people when dead take longer to want to leave the familiar surroundings than others.

My feeling with these sprites, and this is not a universal opinion, that they are not a suitable companion for people’s homes, as they move possessions about, steal and make people subconsciously uneasy, especially at night.

So when I was in my teens and learning in the field from 2 great experts, in what was then called “apprenticing” and I was taught that these little beasts should be captured and kept in a damp jar and kept in a place out of direct sunlight, and released into woods or forests, but this is not to be recommended, The great expert the Rev. Montague Summers, was said by Dennis Wheatley to keep several of these as house pets, I sincerely advise against this, Alex Sanders the deceased king of the Witches, told me and was said by many people to be able to tame and even control them, witness’s claim he would do tricks at parties with them, again not advisable. In the words of Rollo Ahmed, one of Dennis Wheatley’s star pupils “those who walk with serpents must expect to be bitten by them. “

T Stokes

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