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Connecting The Dots of the Paranormal

Written with the idea that paranormal phenomena can prove itself by using other paranormal phenomena. How are elves and the "Hollow Earth Theory" connected? Is there a line between Majestic 12 and time travel?


26 Feng Shui Secrets

These ancient secrets of Feng Shui will literally set your life up for happiness, wealth, and romance.

For centuries the Asian culture has used these same techniques in their own homes and lives. Yes, it really can be this simple to set your course, and improve the energy around you!


The Demon Dictionary

This book identifies the primary demons and briefly describes their influences upon mankind. I have provided the name, rank, seal, and a description of the demon and the powers each can demonstrate or control.


Ascension Astrology

There is a new energy on the earth right now, a new energy of Ascension.

The changing magnetic grid of the planet is transforming the consciousness of those on the planet. Those of us who are embracing the qualities of the new energy and letting go of the old energy paradigms are partaking of this empowerment, which we are receiving from the present shift in consciousness.


Living on Level 7

Discover the secrets of consciously creating wealth, success and extraordinary love!

What is this extraordinary power... this "magic" energy that some people seem to have so much of and others seem to be without?

Everyone has this energy; this amazing power.


A Simple Guide For Reiki

For the first time, a simple guide to Reiki will "take you by the hand" and reveal the secrets of Reiki!

Transfer and channel energy for healing and mental health! Now you can apply the same healing principles used for hundreds of years!


Understanding Your Psychic Ability

Professional Psychic Medium Lynn Claridge uses her experience and knowledge of her craft to teach you how to learn to do things like meditation, chakras and auras, dream interpretation, emotional awareness and much more.



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