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If you want to sell this Ebook for a 50% commission for each sale you make, first you have to go to Clickbank and create an account for yourself. Once you have a Clickbank account you can create your own affiliate link using the example below:

<a href="http://ClickbankID.ephrils.hop.clickbank.net"
     target=_top>CLICK HERE</a>

Replace "ClickbankID" with your affiliate username.
Replace "CLICK HERE" with any text you want.

Cickbank has more information on creating your own unique link.

Banners You Can Use To Promote:

Small Banner
216x55 Small Banner

400x100 Normal Size Banner

Please Save these images to your web space and reupload them for your own use. Image hosts like Imageshack are free to join and offer near unlimited space.

Ways To Promote:

Forums: If the forum's Terms of Service allow it you can put your affiliate link and/or banner in your signature. Make sure you read their Terms of Service first. This is an effective way to promote if you frequent Paranormal Message Boards or even News Groups.

Articles: If you are a good writer you can promote this Ebook through writing articles and submitting them to Free Reprint Article sites. Some of the best sites due to imediate exposure are Ezine Articles, Go Articles, and Searchwarp. EzineArticles has special rules on Affiliate Links, so make sure you understand them before using the biggest article site out there. Some of the easiest articles to write are Reviews and your own take on this Ebook's subject.

Affiliate Site: If you like creating and designing websites you can create your own website to send people through your affiliate link. It could be a Review or specially made Blog on the paranormal. These last longer than the burst fire type results of articles as well as openning up new ways to promote your Affiliate page.

Adwords and Other Pay Per Click Engines: Using your Affiliate link through something like Google Adwords you can send traffic straight to the main page without needing a website. Those experienced with Adwords should try this approach since it can get expensive and costly to a beginning affiliate.

MySpace and Other Online Communities: You can promote on MySpace.com in two main ways. You can set up your account, or create another profile, designed to send traffic through your Affiliate Link. Or you can promote this Ebook on their message boards through using HTML links in your posts(Clickbank link above is an example of an HTML link). Successful affiliates and marketers do a combination of both, using their posts and profile to send traffic through their link.


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