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Paranormal-Phenomenon.Net is interested in investigating and discovering paramormal connections within the world of the paranormal itself. We believe a lot of the paranormal can be proven, or further helped to be proved, by existing and known paranormal phenomena.

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One of our contributing writers at Paranormal-Phenomenon.Net has written an eBook which you can order to get a better idea of this site's aim and purpose. If you have an eBook you'd like us to sell off of our site that is paranormal related, please email us so we can review it and work out the details.

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If you have a paranormal story you'd like to share with us you can send email it here, post it in our message board, or use the form above. Every story gets us closer to the truth of the world around us and we will publish as many as we can. The more we can show the paranormal is more a part of everyday life than the naysayers and men of science tell us, the more we'll be able to see the big picture.

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